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  • Pilkington, K.; Few, C. G.; Gibson, Brad K.; Calura, F.; Michel-Dansac, L.; Thacker, Robert John, 1970-; Molla, M.; Matteucci, F.; Rahimi, A.; Kawata, D. (EDP Sciences, 2012-04)
    Aims. We examine radial and vertical metallicity gradients using a suite of disk galaxy hydrodynamical simulations, supplemented with two classic chemical evolution approaches. We determine the rate of change of gradient ...

  • Gibson, Brad K.; Few, C. G.; Courty, S.; Kawata, D.; Calura, F.; Teyssier, R. (Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2012-07)
    We present a new chemodynamical code – RAMSES-CH – for use in simulating the self-consistent evolution of chemical and hydrodynamical properties of galaxies within a fully cosmological framework. We build upon the adaptive ...

  • Gibson, Brad K.; Brook, C. B.; Stinson, G. S.; Kawata, D.; House, E. L.; Miranda, M. S.; Maccio, A. V.; Pilkington, K.; Roskar, R.; Wadsley, J. (Royal Astronomical Society, 2012-10)
    Within a cosmological hydrodynamical simulation, we form a disc galaxy with subcomponents which can be assigned to a thin stellar disc, thick disc and a low-mass stellar halo via a chemical decomposition. The thin- and ...

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