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  • Turner, David Gerald, 1945- (American Astronomical Society, 1985-05-01)
    UBV photometry is presented for 33 stars in the young open cluster Stock 16 lying in the H II region RCW 75, and these observations are used to obtain new values for the reddening (E[subscript B-V] = 0.49 [plus or minus] ...

  • Guenther, David B.; Demarque, P.; Li, L. H.; Mazumdar, A.; Straka, C. W. (Springer Science+Business Media B.V., 2008-08)
    The stellar evolution code YREC is outlined with emphasis on its applications to helio- and asteroseismology. The procedure for calculating calibrated solar and stellar models is described. Other features of the code such ...

  • Khan, Zahoor Ali; Sivakumar, Shyamala C.; Phillips, William; Robertson, Bill (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2014)
    This paper proposes a novel integrated energy and QoS-aware routing protocol with the considerations of energy, end-to-end latency, and reliability requirements of body area network (BAN) communication. The proposed routing ...

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