Arts and Engineering Classes, 1926

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dc.creator Gauvin & Gentzel 2010-11-26T17:05:09Z 2010-11-26T17:05:09Z 1926 1926
dc.identifier.other 98.04.0440
dc.description b&w photograph; nitrate
dc.description Excellent condition: size mounted 20.6 cm x 5.7 cm, remnants of matte near lower left corner and tape in top left corner of reverse.
dc.description Group photo of 32 boys and three priests in four rows (3 standing, 1 sitting). Brother Cornelia is seated front row centre. Second row back l to r: Brother Ryan, Eddie "Ovie" Martin, ?, Eddie Williams, Addis Daley, ?, Charlie Frecker, ?, ?, and ? Third row back l to r: ?, Bob Donnelly, Doug Penny, Alfred Leverman (future bishop), ?, ?, Bill Halley, and Lyall Renner. Most boys in the back row also appear in 98.04.0441 and 98.04.0443 but don't appear in the 1928 yearbook (i.e. likely graduated in 1926 or 1927), but they cannot be identified because as of 2015, no hard copy of the 1926 or 1927 yearbooks has yet been located; second from the right is Leo Carmichael. Identities confirmed by J. Mills in 2015, but she was unable to find the names of Brother O'Sullivan in any of the 1921, 1922, 1928 or 1930 yearbooks. Father Henry Neary is mentioned as first Vice President of the 1935 Alumni Association.. Bartlow, Meehan, Hayes, and Downie finished their second year of high school in 1921 while Cameron matriculated, so they were all likely 1926 graduates, and probably can be found at the far left of the photo, in all 4 rows. Perhaps Martin, Whelan, Coy, and O'Bryan transferred to Saint Mary's College from other institutions in 1923, as they are not even listed as high school students in 1921-1922. Williams, Frecker, Penny, Halley, Renner, and Carmichael are from the Engineering Class of 1928. Donnelly and Daley are mentioned in the 1928 yearbook but not in 1930, so likely graduated (or left) in 1929.
dc.description Written in pencil on reverse: '1,' '1925-26' and '69.0.' Came in white matte with '69.0' written in pencil on reverse. Note from Art Gallery identifies names as 'Walter O'Hearn, Ovie Martin, Robert Donnely [sic], Doug Penney [sic], ? Whelan, Bill Halley, Lyle [sic] Renner, Brother O'Sullivan, Alfred Leverman, Harold Bartlow, Eddie Williams, ? Daly [sic], Owen Meehan, Charles Frecker, Jim Hayes, Vince Coy, Brother Cornelia, Bill Downie, Crofton Cameron, Fr. Henry Neary, Cyril O'Bryan'. From Art Gallery.
dc.description.provenance Made available in DSpace on 2010-11-26T17:05:09Z (GMT). No. of bitstreams: 0 en
dc.format.extent 20 cm x 25 cm
dc.subject.other People
dc.subject.other Class Photographs
dc.subject.other Students
dc.subject.other Clergy
dc.subject.other Cornelia, William Barnabas, 1885-1955
dc.subject.other Williams, Edwin Leonard
dc.subject.other Daley, Addis H.
dc.subject.other Frecker, Charles Andre
dc.subject.other Donnelly, Robert V.
dc.subject.other Penny, Douglas Lawrence
dc.subject.other Leverman, Alfred Bertram, 1903-1972
dc.subject.other Halley, William Howland
dc.subject.other Renner, George Lyall
dc.subject.other Carmichael, Leo Gerald
dc.subject.other Martin, Edward Michael
dc.subject.other O'Sullivan, Brother
dc.subject.other Bartlow, Harold
dc.subject.other Meehan, Owen
dc.subject.other Hayes, James
dc.subject.other Coy, Vincent
dc.subject.other Downie, William
dc.subject.other Cameron, Crofton
dc.subject.other Neary, Henry
dc.subject.other O'Bryan, Cyril
dc.subject.other Saint Mary's High School
dc.subject.other Windsor Street Campus
dc.subject.other Ryan, Brother
dc.title Arts and Engineering Classes, 1926
dc.type Image
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