Saint Mary's College Boarders, ca. 1915

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dc.creator Gauvin & Gentzel 2010-11-26T17:05:06Z 2010-11-26T17:05:06Z [ca. 1915] 1915
dc.identifier.other 98.04.0392
dc.description b&w photograph
dc.description Excellent condition: top left corner bent, all other corners beginning to fray, small black scratch next to first boy from left in front row, and tape on top two corners of reverse.
dc.description Photo of 35 boys and one Brother in four rows (2 standing, 1 sitting on chairs, 1 sitting cross-legged on the floor). Front row: Eddie Donahoe and Neil Flannery (fourth and fifth from left), and Hector Prudhomme (far right). Second row: Brother Culhane, and Bert Corbett, Roy Campbell, Austin Smith, and Ed Granville (fourth from right to far right). Third row: Charlie Beazley and Val Kyte (fifth and sixth from left). Identities confirmed by J. Mills in 2016. However, Hussey, Hartley, MacDonald, Beaumont, Young, Coolen, Moss, and Lockhart do not appear to be in this photo. Publication of the yearbook was suspended from 1914-1920 likely due to wartime and immediate post-war paper shortages: a patriotic gesture by the College (see pg. 13 and 93 in the 1921 Santamarian yearbook).
dc.description Embossed in lower left corner is 'Gauvin & Gentzel, Halifax, Can.' Written in pencil on reverse is 'St. Mary's College Boarders 1915-16.' Written in pencil in top left corner of reverse is '6,' and in top right corner of reverse is '7.0.' Came in white matte with '7.0' written in pencil on reverse. Note from Art Gallery cites the names 'Austin Smith, Clarence Hussey, Mark Donahoe, Jack Hartley, Charlie Beasley [sic], Val Kyte, ? MacDonald, Reg Young, ? Coolen, Henri Beaumont, Brother Culhane, H.R. Corbett, ? Campbell, Johnny Moss, Ed Granville, ? Lockhart'. From Art Gallery.
dc.description.provenance Made available in DSpace on 2010-11-26T17:05:06Z (GMT). No. of bitstreams: 0 en
dc.format.extent 18.7 cm x 24.5 cm
dc.subject.other People
dc.subject.other Boarding Students
dc.subject.other Donahoe, Edward
dc.subject.other Neil Flannery
dc.subject.other Prudhomme, Hector
dc.subject.other Corbett, Herbert R.
dc.subject.other Campbell, Roy
dc.subject.other Smith, Austin
dc.subject.other Granville, Edward T.
dc.subject.other Beazley, Charles L.
dc.subject.other Kyte, Val
dc.subject.other Culhane, Paul J.
dc.subject.other Clergy
dc.subject.other Class Photographs
dc.subject.other Saint Mary's High School
dc.subject.other Windsor Street Campus
dc.title Saint Mary's College Boarders, ca. 1915
dc.type Image
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