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Archaeological Site Reports


This collection consists primarily of archaeological impact reports prepared for various parties in Nova Scotia.

These reports were prepared by several groups including: Davis Archaeological Consultants (later Davis MacIntyre Consultants); Jonathan Fowler (with Saint Mary’s University, and Northeast Archaeological Research); Cultural Resource Management Group Limited; and Katie Cottreau-Robins (Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage).

Dr. Steve Davis is a Professor of Anthropology at Saint Mary's University, and currently a Professor Emeritus in that department. Dr. Davis is also the CEO of Davis MacIntyre and Associates, an Archaeological Consulting Firm located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. More material related to Steve Davis can be found in the University Archives (collection number 2008.008.1).

Dr. Jonathan Fowler is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Saint Mary’s University.

Recent Submissions


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